The most common way to save money with insurance is bundling auto and home insurance policies with one company. Bundling refers to acquiring multiple policies with one insurance provider in insurance terms. Usually, this happens to gain some benefits, including policy discounts or paying less expensive premiums.
If you are shopping for both auto and home insurance, it is much better to bundle up your insurance into one insurance provider. Getting both your insurance in one company could simplify your work by talking to one insurance agent only. Besides, you can also save up money. Bundling could give you a discount, but it doesn’t mean that bundling is always the cheapest option. Other factors could help you lower your premium rate. Contact one of our experienced agents, and they can help you get more discounts.

Pros Of Bundling Auto And Home Insurance

Insurance policies are expensive, so people choose to bundle up their premiums to save money. On average, people could save 5% up to 20% off on their annual policy by bundling insurance. Purchasing two policies together with one insurance provider is one of the best discounts that you could get.
It is much easier to renew your policy once per year than renew two policies at different times of the year. Bundling up auto and home insurance could benefit from less paperwork and hassle-free renewal of the plan.
If the policyholder bundles their policy, it is more likely that he will gain only one deductible for both insurances. Most of the time, the policyholder could have a lower deductible, so if you don’t, you would likely get a higher deductible rate.
As a general rule in insurance, an insurance provider does not have the authority to cancel your homeowner’s insurance policy if you have other active policies with that carrier. This protocol is much relevant to homeowners who have a higher risk of losses. If the location of your home is in an area prone to wildfires, storms, and crimes like theft, you can still have protection if you get your other insurance policies with the same carrier.
Insurance providers also offer product tiers or other complex bundles if you combine all of your policies. If the policyholder has a rental property, boat, RV, and home, it is common for insurers to offer one policy package. Product tiers are essential because they could cut out the individual’s paperwork, and you may also pay a single deductible for all of that coverage.


There are a lot of benefits when bundling your Auto and Home Insurance. However, there are also some disadvantages. Additionally, if you stick with one insurance company, you would miss out on some discounts and offers from other insurance providers.
Owners of a high-end vehicle won’t find better fit insurance in standard auto insurances. Due to the expensive expenses of repairing a high-end car, a company could either charge the insured a higher premium or even decline its application for the policy. If your high-end vehicle gets coverage, you should consider purchasing insurance from a specialized provider.
Bundling your auto and homeowners insurance with one insurance provider can cause you to miss other offers from other companies. Besides, you could even cut better rates and comprehensive coverage and protection. While a well-known insurance provider is correct, it could also lead the insured to base its insurance on the company’s name and not be practical financially.


If you already have auto and home insurance from a different company but want to switch to another company to bundle these two policies, be sure you follow the proper procedure to prevent any lapses from coverage.
If you have a poor credit score, have an at-fault accident, or happen to live in a location where the crime rate is high, you could probably incur higher policy premiums. In this case, bundling of policies could probably give you a 20% discount with your policy. However, be careful of your accident because sometimes insurance companies do not insure individuals with a serious criminal record.

To decide whether you should bundle auto and home insurance, get quotes from separate policies and another one from bundled policies. If, by any chance, you find a different home and auto insurance at a lower price if combined, there’s no reason not to buy them separately.
  • Compare the quotes from several insurers online, or if you have an agent, much better if you get it from him. An independent agent could get quotes from multiple insurance providers. However, an agent who sells exclusively for just one company can only offer discounts available with that company.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask if the insurance company uses a third-party company. Since, if they are with a third party company, you would not be dealing with one company anymore, although you can still get a discount.
  • Regularly Shop Quotes and compare the prices of the products separately or in a bundle. If you see a lower price than your current policy, don’t hesitate to cancel your active policy.
Bundling auto and home insurance can surely save you money. You can get a policy discount that ranges from 5% to 30% discounts on your annual policy premium. However, bundling isn’t always the best choice. Many insurance companies could offer you a more affordable insurance premium for each policy. Therefore, you need to be careful about comparing quotes. If purchasing the two insurance policies from different carriers, each could save you more, then go ahead and do it. Get a quote with us now!   The better way of handling this situation is to trick the market. Shop around and get free quotes for you to compare. Get free quotes for bundled policies and sections for each insurance separately. Lastly, do not settle for less; you want to ensure that you are under the coverage for any losses you might incur.